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AgiPanel is an expandable automation solution for your farm operation. 

The goal of the AgriPanel is to deliver an easy to install control system that fits the requirements of North American farming. This means providing a product that can withstand temperature variations, rain and mud.

agric panel

Your farm has existing motors that are not running clean, and are not easily controlled. AgriPanel can solve these problems. Most importantly, AgriPanel is meant to adapt to your needs, and grow with you.

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Agri Control Panels

AgriPanel Motor

This control panel comes in many variances. Accommodating 230VAC, 480VAC, or 600VAC, they come from IDS, customized for your specific application. This unit comes with start and stop buttons, a fused disconnect, and a speed controller, all tied into a  Wi-FI or hardwired ethernet switch.

AgriPanel Motor+

This control panel has all the features of AgriPanel Motor, plus 120VAC and 24VDC IO options. This is a great feature if you are using the AgriPanel to fill bins or feeders and you want a sensor to automatically turn the system off.


AgriPanel IO

We also have a solution if you don’t need a motor control, but want to have some automated relays for other farm equipment such as lights, water dispensers, heating, or even third party equipment that needs an input signal to run. Consider the benefits of bringing in a signal from a thermostat, a bin level sensor, or moisture sensors.

AgriPanel IO can be used to integrate IO into the rest of your AgriPanel system and provide these features.

custom agricpanel
AgriPanel Custom

Have something out of the ordinary? We can still help you out and make you a custom control panel that will integrate into the AgriPanel system.

web interface
Web Interface

The AgriPanel web interface can be accessed from mobile devices or PCs on the same network as the AgriPanel system. 

Control and monitor equipment through the web interface. You can create your own automated sequence directly on the interface in a easy to use editor. Add timers, or dependencies as needed.

For example, add a bin level sensor to a AgriPanel Motor+, and you can create a program that uses that sensor to stop the motor.  Another example could be to turn fan motors on in groups based on thermostat feedback.

It’s automation, free for you to design!


With IDS, we are able to link multiple AgriPanel products together to expand your system quickly, and without an interruption of your already placed system.

Our controls or electrical products can be found in a farm's on field equipment, grain handling, and environmental controls. Whether you need a motor control or wire harness, we are here to provide you a quality product - backed by quality service.