key solutions

Our Key Solutions unit handles the design, build, and commissioning of one off automation &/or motor control projects. We also work with prototypes of OEM control systems. Any project that requires a significant amount of engineering time is done through here.

We are diverse and capable to meet your needs. Explore with us some examples of services we are able to provide your company.

Custom Designs

IDS provides motion control systems and integration from the bottom up. Let us work with you to select the actuators you need to do the job. Key Solutions designers use ePLAN or AutoCAD to develop the schematics for the system. Our designers will source components and enclosures required to fit your operation, and the Key Solutions panel assembly team will put it all together. Our team will then wrap up with in-house functional testing of motors and finalize with a CSA certification.


IDS is able to provide economical solutions for all motion equipment upgrades through partial or complete control system retrofits. The Key Solutions team specializes in on-site assessment of your existing equipment to provide a modernized system that contains the new features or improvements you have desperately been wanting to have in your reliable mechanical system.


We are able to assist customers in reaching logical solutions. Need help determining what you need to modify or maintain your current motion system? Key Solutions is able to prepare a report stating how your current motion system is functioning electronically while providing solutions on what could be done in the future to ensure your system gets you maximum performance.


IDS has In house PLC expertise, plus on-site availability. Key Solutions specializes in Rockwell, Siemens, and B&R system programming.


We are able to provide training seminars tailored to your needs. Want to know how to service your own motors or troubleshoot motion issues? Ask Key Solutions!

Our Key Solutions unit handles the design, build, and commissioning of one off automation &/or motor control projects.