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16 April, 2021

VFD Maintenance: Don't Get Caught With Unformed Capacitors!

I recently had a situation occur where a customer had a VFD fail and asked me to set up the spare in its place....

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16 June, 2021

Industrial Drive Service Cuts Monthly Electricity Bill in Half

IDS employees regularly repair and perform testing on previously failing drives that are loaned to them from other large industries. Testing is completed through a half hour load test on the drive to determine the effectiveness of the repair.....

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16 August, 2021

5 Reasons You Should Be Collecting Production Data Directly from Your Equipment

Industry 4.0 is a term being used a lot in the industrial world right now. It can be applied to anything from batch size 1 machinery to artificial intelligence; essentially technologies we expect to see in a modern-day facility.....

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1 October, 2021

VFD Design: How to connect contactor to motor using safety relays

In the early days of variable speed drives, Nema rated motor contactors were used. The more economical IEC rated contactor had not been introduced....

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1 March, 2022

What is Power Factor Correction?

Power factor correction (PFC) is the process of raising the electrical systems efficiency or power factor (PF) to a target level, typically 95%...

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1 June, 2022

What is the ROI of Power Factor Correction?

Improving system PF lowers system kVA which releases system capacity and permits additional loads (motors, lighting, etc.) to be added without overloading the system....

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1 September, 2022

VFDs and their effect on the power factor of a common AC induction motor

In a common AC induction motor, a magnetic field is induced in the rotor and the power is supplied directly to the stator. The power used to induce the magnetic field in the rotor is commonly known as reactive power since it does not produce work....

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1 Novevmber, 2022

Up where the air is thin

Industrial Drive Service Inc. is a drive systems integrator business based in Hensall, Ontario. Most of our projects involve a motor, drive and a programmable logic controller. One of their niche markets is hoist controls used in the mining industry. In 1995...

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