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Service & Repairs

All repair work performed at IDS is conducted in a clean, ESD safe environment to ensure that all repairs are completed to the highest standards. This is why we are proud to include a 1 year warranty on any repair done at IDS.

High Standard of Care

- All drives that arrive at our repair center are thoroughly inspected with a multitude of diagnostic tools.

- Not all drives are worth repairing. We work with you to ensure the best solution for your drive issue.

- All repairs are hi-pot and load-tested prior to being returned.

- As an ISO 9001 company, thorough documentation is kept on all repairs.

Repair Services

IDS is an authorized Tier 2 Parker (Eurotherm) SSD Drive Repair Center.

All repairs are handled by qualified staff, who have the knowledge, training and experience to fix Parker Drives.

We keep repair parts in stock. Full load tests can be done.
Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance refers to scheduled, routine maintenance to help keep equipment up and running which will greatly aid in preventing unplanned downtime and expensive costs from unanticipated equipment failure.

Preventive maintenance offers companies a number of important benefits including:

  • Prolonged life of company equipment
  • Less unplanned downtime caused by equipment failure
  • Less unnecessary maintenance and inspections
  • Fewer errors in day-to-day operations
  • Improved reliability of equipment
  • Fewer expensive repairs caused by unexpected equipment failure that must be fixed quickly
  • Reduced risk of injury

Ideally, a preventive maintenance schedule will prevent all equipment failure before it occurs. It will save time, reduce costs, and keep an operation running efficiently and productively.
Our Basic Preventative Maintenance Service

Cabinet power off evaluation, cleaning and inspection
  • Inspect drive, auxiliary and PLC cabinets, checking all ventilation components.
  • Clean cabinet interior, removing all dust and foreign material.
  • Record all drive and motor information for records.
  • Clarify all fuses, checking for proper rating and amperage. Electrical drawings and/or fusing charts are required for this.

Our Preventative Maintenance Service also includes...
  • Ensuring all loose wiring is tied back in safe or unobtrusive way.
  • Check all terminals for proper connections, insuring wires fastened properly.
  • Large contactors to be checked for good contact closure, recommend replacement if necessary.
  • Complete ground check for all cabinets and drives in the system.
  • Inspect all operator push buttons and potentiometers related to the system.

Cabinet powered up inspections
  • Power up and verify drive, plc, and control power supplies.
  • Record all control transformer voltages and line supply levels.
  • Upload programs if applicable.
  • Scope out all potentiometers on the system.

Basic Load Testing (Done using the line jog functions)
  • Verify proper operation of all meters on the system.
  • View and record the armature waveform with scope.
  • Operate drives and take power measurements, compare them to the motor nameplate data.
  • With scope, verify tachometers and/or encoders to insure proper operation.

Optional Add-on Services

Advanced Load Testing
  • This is completed when line is in normal operation, and under load.
  • Includes voltage, current and scope readings of DC and AC drives and motor measurements
  • Optional thermal imaging available with this option.

Motor Inspection
  • Inspect brush rigging and connections.
  • If applicable, examine brushes, record length, and recommend replacements if necessary.
  • Clean motor filters and inspect blower assembly if applicable.
  • Inspect & record the condition of the commutator, watch it rotate.
  • If possible, check for coupling wear.
  • Take and record motor resistances, compare to previous years where applicable.
  • Check motor conduit box for loose wiring connections.

Thermal Imaging
  • While machine is in normal operation, inspect each main cabinet for hotspots.
  • Report any abnormal hotspots to customer while onsite, fixing if possible, or recommending part replacement.
  • Take an image of the entire cabinet and abnormalities, and document findings.

Predictive Maintenance

Predictive Maintenance allows for safety compliance, preemptive corrective actions, and increased asset life. By looking ahead, and knowing what failure is likely to occur when, pre-emptive investigations, maintenance schedule adjustments, and repairs can be performed before the asset fails.

Snapshot Your System
Starting with a healthy snapshot of your system, IDS can develop a predictive maintenance monitoring solution for your equipment that watches for creeps in electrical and fluid power consumption.

Our team can also implement additional sensors to monitor mechanical components as well as temperature variations, looking for signs of creep outside of the healthy base point.

Rental Services

Industrial Drive Service (IDS) offers a short or long-term lease/rental services to customers.
IDS provides the following rental services:

DC Rental Services - up to 400HP
  • We currently have available as one of our offerings modern DC equipment that can be hired by the week.
  • Our large stand-alone unit rated 800amps DC, this 6 pulse drive Non-Regen DC drive has door operator controls OR can be controlled from a remote location. Disconnecting means 600amp CB for isolation.

AC Large Rental Equipment - up to 500HP

Systems we service

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